I Saw the Tribulation (Ken Peters, The Prophecy Club)



In 1980, Ken Peters had a long, detailed dream about the coming tribulation period. This article provides the transcript and video of his amazing testimony. I took the liberty of moving a few of his comments to organize them by topic so the transcript is not exactly the same as the video.

Today, Ken Peters and his wife Tonya are Senior Elders at the The Gathering @ Corona, which is an Apostolic Prophetic Reformation church.

At the time I received this dream I was not even a believer in Jesus Christ. I was raised in the Catholic Church but had never personally invited the Lord Jesus to come into my heart to be my Lord. As a practicing Catholic, I had no knowledge of what the Bible said about the tribulation period or any of the events of the last days.

When the dream began, I heard what sounded like a loud car horn. Then I saw people coming up out of their graves all over the world. People were not coming up out of every cemetery plot, just some of them. Even in the same cemetery there were other plots with nobody resurrected from them.

These resurrections were very violent. It was like the earth was receiving a small explosion and breaking open. I literally saw dirt flying. This was happening all over the globe. Those who were resurrected were clothed in white robes. It looked like they were wearing choir robes. The light glimmered off of their clothing. Their clothes and their bodies appear brighter than the sun. Their clothes made the men look very masculine and the women look very feminine. They looked mature but they did not look old. Those who had lost their hair had all of their hair back again. Young people who were resurrected were still young but yet had maturity about them.

All those who came out of the graves just disappeared. I never saw them go up into the clouds. They just vanished.

I did not see one single living person changed into a new body. I did not see any changes coming to any living person.

As soon as the resurrected people disappeared from the earth mass hysteria spread across all the people left on the earth. People had the appearance of absolute despair. There was pandemonium everywhere. There was mass chaos, lawlessness, and fear everywhere. I was able to see in many quadrants of the earth and this was not just happening in one nation but it was all over the globe. The hysteria brought perplexity to just about everyone. Everyone had a look of hopelessness on their face. Nobody seemed to be happy about living. Lawlessness and fear permeated society completely.

No one was isolated from the despair that was hitting the world. No one was hidden from it. It was engulfing the whole globe. I was able to see into different regions and different continents and everyone was experiencing this. It was almost as though the whole world had become like a third world nation, completely behind the times.

It was like every person on earth had just left their mothers funeral. That’s how people appeared. They were very grieving and despondent.

At that point, all electronic devices including televisions, telephones, radios, and computers all over the world were shut down for two weeks. I don’t know what caused them to shut down. The shutdown caused people everywhere to be alarmed. It was very disruptive to businesses everywhere.

After about two weeks electronic devices started working again. However, everything had changed. The content of what was being broadcasted was completely different. The message being broadcast was depicting a coming new world government and leadership. They announced that a man to lead the new world government would soon appear.

The new world leader then appeared on television. He spoke with great eloquence and charisma. He was soothing and promised answers to all current issues. He was smooth and extremely convincing. He was able to solve nearly all problems. He was a consummate communicator. He explained how this removal of people was God’s judgment upon them.

When Adolf Hitler spoke to the masses he had a demonic charisma that would draw people into his message. But that was nothing compared to this new world leader.

Since I was not a born-again Christian at the time that I had this dream, when I heard this man speak he began to convince me. This man was rallying the globe. It was very frightening.

Almost immediately he began to communicate through large-screen televisions that were strategically placed everywhere people met. All televisions were broadcasting the same message. When I had this dream in 1980, big screen televisions were not found everywhere. Neither were 24-hour news channels.

This man’s messages were about new times that had come upon us as human beings. He gave new directives for global peace. He talked about the need for giving up national citizenship for world citizenship. Even though these things disturbed me, I was also being pulled into it in my dream. I began to really think about relinquishing my citizenship and this alarmed me greatly. Even though the message pulled strongly upon me I somehow was not convinced about this new order.

I constantly heard the term new order and world order and new times but I never heard him use the term new world order. I don’t know why.

At staggering rates people were buying right into this plan that this man was releasing through the airwaves. There was no resistance. No one was fighting it. No one was saying anything publicly against it.

The man that I saw on the television, the man that could do signs and wonders and fix all the problems, I will never forget his face. As long as I live I will never forget his face. His face was almost supernatural in appearance. He was almost too perfect. For lack of better terms, he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. This man had everything going together for him, everything. He had kind of a chiseled look about his face. And everything about his appearance was almost perfect. When he spoke, there was a very strange quality about him.

Many years later, I read a scripture about the Lord Jesus Christ written by Isaiah the prophet saying Jesus had no comeliness or features that we would desire to behold him. In other words, Jesus was not some handsome specimen of a male. He was an average, rugged, probably different looking person. He was not the kind of guy that would be voted most likely to succeed on the GQ charts. But this guy that I saw was. He fulfilled that perfectly. Isn’t it amazing that the antichrist would be the antithesis to Jesus? That he would be just the opposite of Jesus Christ?

Although this man did not act necessarily prideful he was very brash. He still carried the ability and the charisma about him to levy people into his situations.

This new leader was not resisted on the implementation of any of his policies, not one. No one stood up to challenge him. No one in America started a revolution. There was no resistance whatsoever, not on a grassroots level, not on a national level, no one.

Television continually, almost daily, explained to us that if we would align ourselves with this new order we would be saved from all of life’s troubles. This is what this man said nearly every time he came on television. The new order was said to have all the answers to our problems and the leadership necessary to bring the change, causing the world to finally become the envisioned globe of peace. This is what we heard over and over.

I began to go into a serious depression. I began to ask myself if this was the end of the world.

Read the full article: http://z3news.com/w/ken-peters-tribulation/

Or watch the interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O0K4486e6s


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