My 2008 Dream About America – Dr. Daniel Daves

Dream Movie Screens 1 sm

From Dr. Daniel Daves:  “I had two dreams in 2008 and and I believe that they were from God.  They were so real, powerful, and convincing.  They took me by surprise and the things I saw and heard in these dreams were amazing, shocking, and hard to grasp.  But the first dream has unfolded perfectly before my very eyes, and everything is now complete except one last major announcement to come from our government.  When that announcement comes, it will be too late for anyone to protect themselves.

America is receiving countless warnings through dreams, visions, historical cycles, and through changes in the earth’s atmosphere, solar flares, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural catastrophic events.  God is calling mankind back to Him.

Listen here:

Or watch it here:


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