School Leavers’ Vacation – A celebration or entrapment to shame?

It is that time of year again when our sons and daughters are planning with great expectancy and excitement their last days of school. It’s going to be a celebration of note, a stepping into a new FREEDOM of limitless possibilities – a dynamic future.

And so it should be, a real CELEBRATION.

And God smiles on it. He is equally excited over the celebration, the leaving behind forever a phase of life and stepping into a whole new world – a dynamic future of PURPOSE.

But do our sons and daughters know their purpose?

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)

PURPOSE is a foundation laid in the heart of every young man and woman that keeps them on a steady course, where God Himself lights the way. If purpose is not established in the heart of your son or daughter, they will go looking for it and the Devil, being the hater of their souls, is eager and willing to offer a counterfeit, but it will cost them something, their purity, innocence and even life. Satan hates your son and your daughter and he wants to destroy their life purpose before that foundation is ever laid. If he can entrap them into sin and shame, he will forever silence them and they will walk in destructive paths all their days.

Who is God’s elected agents to impart IDENTITY, DESTINY – PURPOSE, into the lives of a son and daughter? Parents are, and the role falls more specifically to the fathers.

But fathers themselves are crippled in sin and shame and have never been blessed by their fathers regarding identity and purpose, so they have nothing to give. If you run on empty, you really have nothing to give.

What does all this have to do with matric vacation?

Only this – if your son or daughter is not established in identity and destiny, Satan has an assignment to take them out before the futures after school even begins. How will he do this? Easy – WORLDLY SPIRIT IN CELEBRATION = DEBAUCHERY.

What a big and ugly word – DEBAUCHERY – sounds like something from a butcher that is inedible. It is a real nasty word and it comes in spirit form. It attaches to any young man or woman who is not established in identity and destiny. Debauchery is the spirit of breaking off of all restraint and sober thinking. It is careless revelry. It comes especially strong on matric vacation and its motif is – Just loose it, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, go mad, go BOS – drink a lot, lose all inhibitions, dance, run, try some of this, experiment. That spirit empowers your son and daughter to do things they would never dream of doing when sober and they are often dared by friends that are under the compulsion of this evil spirit.

If you don’t establish identity and destiny in your son or daughter, Satan has a ready scheme to entrap them in shame. He has plans to take them way beyond just drinking. He wants them to experiment with anything that can enslave them and become an addiction, but his trump card and ultimate plan is to cover them in shame by sexual defilement.

Satan wants to destroy all foundations and one crucial foundation is sexual purity. He wants to destroy all remnant of God’s blood covenant. The blood covenant we have in Christ is eternal – He will NEVER leave us, NEVER forsake us, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (Hebrews 13:5 Amplified). The earthly blood covenant of marriage is the only beacon and image of God’s relationship with man in covenant. When our sons and daughters lose their virginity before marriage, they violate God’s image of faithfulness, because sex is for marriage only and marriage is blood covenant, meaning – TILL DEATH DO US PART. It is because many of us as parents and married couples have fallen in regard to sexual purity that we have so many shades of gray to justify certain behaviours and think it is fine for our children. Every human is in search of perfect faithfulness. Your son and daughter wants to marry someone who has kept themselves pure, so why is it fine for them to experiment and not keep themselves pure? It is this nonchalant attitude of – well everyone is doing it, so let’s be mature about it, son please use a condom. If this is your thinking and you are a child of God, you must earnestly repent and fall on your face before God.

What should we as parents and the broader body of Christ do?

Don’t forbid your son or daughter from going on matric vacation. When you as parent show distrust in your son or daughter, the day will come when they break FREE and usually it will be very destructive because their breaking away will be in rebellion and the spirit of Debauchery is so strongly attracted and easily absorbed into anyone with a rebellious spirit.

Let them go, but cover them in prayer. Let them know that you trust them and don’t overwork this point or they will see your over-emphasis as distrust. Know that they will most likely have alcoholic beverages (unless they are self-acclaimed Rechabites – TTs), but again acknowledge their ability to control and limit their intake so that they remain sober and of good judgment.

Arrange a ‘BACKDOOR’ policy with them. If they get into a situation in which they are expected to compromise or pressured into something they want no part in, they must excuse themselves to the bathroom from where they text the stand-by pick-up agent. They must ask to take a quick breathe of fresh air outside and once outside, leave when the pick-up agent arrives to fetch them. If the situation is potentially dangerous or threatening, the back-up plan must include involvement of authorities (police) or similar to diffuse it. Discuss and agree on a suitable BACKDOOR policy with your son and daughter that will not embarrass them, but even if they should be embarrassed, it is better than being defiled or violated. They should not return to that place or hang out with those people again because they simply have ill intent. If violation of their free will is expected by their friends, they should be mature enough to understand that these guys are not their friends, because friends protect one another.

Establish prayer groups with your cell or at your church and even with like-minded friends and establish and declare boundaries in the Spirit not only for your own child, but for all with him or her, even for the whole location where it will be celebrated. Speak life over your son and daughter. Pray a blessing over them audibly in their presence before they go, all in building up and establishing the truth in them. Don’t pray about things they must not do. Don’t declare the negative. Bless the light and courage in your son and daughter. Bless them to stand resolved and strong. Bless them to boldly retain their purity.

Bind the principality over the vacation in the Kingdom of darkness – Debauchery. Stand against it. Be calm and assured for it’s not in your might or power that the enemy is bound – the battle always belongs to the Lord. We simply step up in partnership, proclaim and release God’s will on earth through prophetic declaration, collect miracles and stand marveling in our wonderful and awesome God.

The battle belongs to the Lord – you must simply stand and proclaim.

Thank You King Jesus for the victory and that our sons and daughters have an awesome future in Christ. They are the Joshua generation.

By Sharl Pienaar, contact


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